How To Kill Pond Algae; Not Plants

To kill pond algae can often result in some collateral damage, particularly in other plants that lie near or in the pond. If you have a choice, always go for natural or manual means of dealing with algae. The following information and chemical-free alternative can help you keep the algae population in check.

Alternatives to Chemicals

Eradicating algae infestation without harming other plants in the pond involves drastically reducing the amount of nutrients available to algae. Algae are present whenever and wherever there are abundant amounts of nutrients. So, cutting their food supply can effectively kill them. This can be done in three different options.

Option 1- In the first option, you can redirect your gutter spouts away from the pond or by putting up some measures that prohibit fertilizer from your lawn or garden to cascade into the pond. Also, make it a point to clean up debris that may be lying at the bottom of your pond.

Option 2
- You can set up an efficient filtering device that can prevent organic debris and other objects from getting into your pond. By not allowing potential sources of nutrients to pass through, pond filters can help in keep your algae population in check.

Option 3- In the last option, you can place more plants in or near your pond. Such plants will compete with algae for nutrients. In fact, aquatic plants like lilies have been known to always defeat algae in the fight for food.

Chemicals Should be a Last Resort

Should you need you not be able to use the above alternatives, make sure to use the chemicals sparingly as it can damage your pond's plants. The chemicals will kill the algae very effectively, however, just be sure to carefully watch how the chemical affects your plants and the overall ecosystem of the pond.