How to Kill Sawflies Organically

From time to time, you may have a sawflies infesting your garden. They can be devastating to your plants and trees. There are ways to control them by organic means rather than using harsh chemicals, but they need to be caught early. Use these methods once you're sure it is sawflies you are dealing with.

Prevention and Small Numbers

The first thing you can do to prevent an infestation is to make sure you have healthy trees and plants. Trees that are too dry or too wet are more vulnerable to attacks. As long as your problem hasn't gotten out of control, there are some easy solutions.

Small birds feed on sawflies, so you can put up feeders for wrens or hummingbirds. If you have enough birds visiting your garden, the sawflies shouldn't be a problem. If you can, manually remove the larvae from leaves and plants. Be sure to wear gloves when removing larvae.

Getting Rid of Larger Numbers

Try spraying plants with a heavy stream of water to wash the insects away. Some plants can safely be sprayed with Neem oil which will help keep the pests away. Carefully inspect plants often, as the larvae can be difficult to see. Pick them off whenever you see them.