How to Kill Sidewalk Weeds in 3 Easy Steps

weeds growing between paver stones
What You'll Need
Spray bottle
What You'll Need
Spray bottle

Are your sidewalks plagued by weeds? They pop up in every crack and between every gap, not discouraged in the least by the concrete that covers them. Trying to kill them seems futile—digging them up by hand is impossible because of the asphalt in the way, and chopping the tops off will not kill the roots below. Spraying for weeds seems like a better idea, but harsh chemicals can be dangerous. However, there is a safe way to effectively kill sidewalk weeds in three easy steps.

Step 1 - The Weapon

a bottle of vinegar

While there is only one ingredient in this weed killer, proper setup is still important. When purchasing vinegar, use the highest concentration available. You should be able to find vinegar with an acetic level of 15 to 20 percent without difficulty. Using vinegar with an acetic level of 5 percent may not be strong enough to kill all of the weeds you will encounter.

Once you have found the best vinegar for your purposes, pour it into your spray bottle and take it outside.

Step 2 - Application

Ideally, you would spray for weeds on a dry, hot day. Vinegar kills weeds by destroying their ability to retain water, causing them to dry out and die. Naturally, this works the most efficiently at low humidity and high temperatures.

It is important to note that this technique should not be used on gardens or lawns, as the vinegar will destroy plants' leaves equally well whether you like the plants or not.

Liberally spray vinegar on your sidewalk, far from any plants you have to worry about protecting. Because everything growing out of your sidewalk is a weed by definition, you do not have to worry about overusing vinegar, or causing collateral damage. You may need to repeat the process frequently as the plant dies off.

Step 3 - Maintenance

cracked sidewalk

Once your sidewalk is free of weeds, you should take steps to keep it that way. Though you may not care if your sidewalk is free of weeds, being thorough and keeping ahead of the problem will pay off in the long run. For one thing, younger weeds are more vulnerable and will be easier to kill, so for this reason you should spray early and often. In addition, you should spray regularly to prevent weeds from producing seeds. If you wait too long to spray again, your weeds will produce more weeds, and more work for you. If you kill the weeds before they produce seeds, your sidewalks—and probably more importantly, your garden and your neighbors' gardens — will thank you.

Fortunately for you, keeping on top of your weed problem should not be a lot of work, now that you can kill weeds so easily.