How to Know If You Have Black Mold Poisoning

What You'll Need
Black Mold Testing Kits
Air Purifier

Since the symptoms of black mold poisoning can cover anything from joint pain to anxiety, it usually goes undiagnosed for months or years. If you have been ill but no doctor has been able to figure out why, you may want to test your home for black mold. Here are a few ways to tell if it is the cause of your illness and how to treat it. 

Step 1 - Symptoms

Some more regular symptoms of black mold poisoning are: sharp muscle pain, skin rashes, fatigue and general flu-like symptoms. Some rarer symptoms are: mood swings, nausea, vision problems, difficulty breathing, hearing loss and even cancer. Many sufferers report feeling up to 15 symptoms at once. 

Step 2 - Testing Surfaces

If you suspect that you have black mold poisoning you need to test your home, workplace, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time. First look around to locate any visible stains or mold growing on walls, ceilings and floors. Mold thrives in damp areas so if there is a leak somewhere that might be a good place to start looking. Additionally any space that smells damp or musty is probably home to spores too. Also be aware that mold can grow on cloth so inspect furniture and even clothes.

Next confirm if any suspicious spots actually are growing toxic fungus by buying an instant mold testing kit. You simply have to wipe the spot with a q-tip and then submerge it in a solution that comes in the kit. Depending on what color the solution turns, that will tell you if you have mold growing there or not. 

Step 3 - Testing the Air

If you can't see any visible mold, you can still test your air for spores. There are air testing kits available at different price ranges to suit your needs. If you need to test a big space or multiple rooms, it's best to choose one of the more economical testing kits. If you would like your results confirmed or are unsure about using a testing kit yourself, call in a professional. 

Step 4 - Clean Your Space

If the space does test positive for mold, you first need to get rid of any dampness or water leakage. Once your walls and surfaces are dry then make sure your air is kept clean as well by purchasing an air purifier, which will help keep mold spores out of the air. 

Step 5 - Rid Yourself of Toxins

Once your home is clear you need to rid yourself of the black mold poison. Your symptoms may completely disappear once your home is clean, but if you still have some nagging illnesses you may want to start with seaweed capsules. It may sound weird, but people have been using seaweed for years to extract internal toxins. Also a healthier diet may help too. There is evidence that toxins bind to cell membranes and those cell membranes can be flushed of black mold poisoning by introducing healthy oils such as grapeseed oil, olive oil and sunflower oil.