How to Laminate with an Iron

steam pouring out of an iron
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What You'll Need
Ironing board
Laminate pouch
Cotton sheet

Knowing how to laminate with an iron will allow you to protect documents without the expense of having to go to the print shop.

Step 1 - Preheat Iron

In order to laminate correctly, you will need the right kind of heat. Make sure the iron is set to either cotton blend setting, or a medium setting. Make sure the steam function of the iron has been turned off, because you will need dry heat. Also ensure there is no water in the iron.

Step 2 - Prepare to Laminate

Before ironing anything, put the document you want to protect in the right size laminate pouch. You should have a little extra space around the document in order to protect the edges.

Step 3 - Cover and Iron

Cover the laminate pouch with a cotton sheet and place on the ironing board. Place the iron on top of the sheet, moving it back and forth. After 30 seconds, flip the pouch over and do the other side. Examine the laminate in order to make sure it is completely sealed. If not, iron it a little more.