How to Lay a Paver Sidewalk How to Lay a Paver Sidewalk

What You'll Need
Diamond-tip saw blade
Push broom

A paver sidewalk consists of stones that are irregular in size. Once a paver sidewalk is installed it will be beautiful and add elegance to any area. The following article will show you how to install a paver sidewalk.

Step 1 - Select the Pavers

Pavers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Select pavers that have a nub large enough so that they will not touch the other pavers. This gap is important to creating a great design with the pavers. Multiply the length of the paver sidewalk with the width. This is your total square footage. Purchase enough pavers to fill this space even though you may need less. Choose the style you like and the person in charge at the store will be able to tell you how many you will need for the space you calculated.

Step 2 - Sanding

There is no need to sand down the materials for the paver sidewalk but you do need sand in the ground for the pavers to be placed. The sand creates a cushion for the paver sidewalk while creating a vacuum to keep the pavers in place during use. Fill the excavated land with sand halfway and then place a pipe along each side and finish filling with sand. You want to have at least 2 inches of sand. Place the 2x4 across the sidewalk then pull it toward you. Use the pipe as a guide. This packs the sand down while leveling it. Tamp it down and then use the level to make sure the pipes and sand are level. Repeat until you have an even surface of packed sand 2 inches deep. Remove the pipes and cover the area with your hand and pat down the sand to fill the void. Make sure you use concrete sand as the edges are jagged and will lock together.

Step 3 - Place the Pavers

Your paver sidewalk can take on many shapes. Use your imagination and use the pavers as though they were large puzzle pieces. The best way to lay out the paver sidewalk is to start with both ends and the sides. You want the flat ends at these positions with the contoured edges inside the sidewalk perimeter. Once the perimeter is staged you can begin to fill in the void. Make sure the pacers are distanced away from each other. Just gently place the pavers on top of the sand. Do not push them into the sand. Continue until all the pavers are placed.

Step 4 - Filling

There are going to be gaps between each of the pavers. Take a bag of sand and dump it on the pavers. Use the push broom to spread the sand over the paver sidewalk until the spaces are filled with sand. Keep adding sand until the cracks are filled. Water down the paver sidewalk to remove excess sand. Dump more sand on the pavers and repeat until the gaps are filled.

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