How to Lay an Aerated Concrete Block BBQ

flames rising from a charcoal grill
What You'll Need
21 aerated concrete blocks
Metal Grill panel
1 larger of concrete block

When it comes to summer activities, few things are the creators of more prominent memories than barbecues. Barbecues allow for family and friends to gather in one place for fun, friendly companionship followed by a nice meal that has been cooked outdoors. The one thing that features most prominently in the barbecue is the actual barbecue grill itself. One of the more interesting grills is the grill made of aerated concrete. In this article we're going to cover how to build your own aerated concrete block barbecue.

Step 1 - Place your Bottom Center

The bottom center is the one aerated concrete block that is going to go in the middle of the other 20. Place this block in the exact center of the area you want your barbecue to occupy.

Step 2 - Stack and Grout

aerated concrete blocks

This part of the project is probably the most difficult, as it will require the most physical effort. Stack each block individually. One on the left of your center block and one on the right. After you have stacked them, grout the top and stack another. Repeat this until you have nine on each side of your center block that have all been grouted and stacked.

Step 3 - Install your Grill Plate

Take the grill plate and place it across the top of the concrete structure you have just built, placing each side inside the grout of each of the top concrete blocks. This is where your food is going to go.

Step 4 - Place the Top Block

grout and tool on concrete block

After you have placed the grill plate, it's time to place the last of the top concrete plates. Place the final concrete plates above the grill plate. Do not grout these plates. Having these tops will give your grill the professional look.

Step 5 - Place your Backing

Take the larger concrete block from your tool list and use it to cover the back of your structure. Giving your barbecue grill this backing will keep any unwanted embers from flying out in any direction that could cause any fire hazards.

Step 6 - Give it Coal

Take your coal and place it on top of the center concrete block from Step 1. Placing the coal in this area puts it just beneath the grill plates, which will allow for heat to carry and therefore cook your food, whatever it may be.

Step 7 - Enjoy

There are many different barbecue recipes, not only for meats, but for vegetables and even some fruits. This form of cooking will allow you to have a flame grilled meal without any actual danger of starting a fire. Having one of these will allow you to throw barbecues and be the talk of the town in the summer months, using a barbecue that you hand crafted from scratch using this tutorial.