How to Lay Concrete Tile How to Lay Concrete Tile

Laying concrete tile enriches the entire look of a driveway. However, before you begin laying the tile, it is important that the base concrete the tiles will be placed on is clean. Failing to first clean the surface will result in the concrete tile unable to lay properly. Also, if there are any holes or pits on the surface of the base concrete, repairs should be made to fill these blemishes. Once the base concrete is cleaned and leveled, a sealant should be placed on it. This is done so moisture does not accumulate between the concrete tiles and the base concrete.

Working with Mortar

To install the concrete tiles properly, one must purchase an ample amount of mortar for the tile. Depending on the composition of the tile, you will purchase a certain type of mortar. The salesperson at your local hardware store will direct you in this matter. Distribute the mortar in a thin layer over the back of the tile. Then, quickly place the concrete tile on the desired surface. The mortar will dry quickly, so remove any mortar that accidentally gets on the face of the tile immediately.

After you have let the tile and mortar sit for a couple of days, it is time to place the grout and sealer. Once this is accomplished, sit back and enjoy your beautiful concrete tiles!

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