How to Lay Crushed Gravel for a Driveway

What You'll Need
Garden rake
Marker flags
Heavy string
Garden spade
Crushed gravel
Wooden stakes
Manual tamper
Landscaping fabric

You can use crushed gravel for whole variety of projects and jobs. However, you have to choose the right texture of the crushed gravel, depending on the job you want to do. You can find a wide selection of crushed gravel, which can have either a fine texture or a coarse one. People use crushed gravel usually to make driveways, paths and walkways.

Step 1 – Marking the Area

Use 2x4 boards, to mark the driveway area where you want to lay the crushed gravel. Put the boards on the ground in such a way that the longer (4 inch) side is vertical. Put wooden stakes or marker flags along the boards every 2 or 3 feet. Secure the wooden stakes in place with a hammer for support

Step 2 – Removing Grass and Turf

If the marked area is covered with turf or grass, remove it with a shovel or garden spade. Cut the soil down with the shovel in a line around the area. But make sure that you cut no deeper than a maximum of 3 inches. Now, cut sections of the turf and grass in the marked area, which are 18 inches squared. Utilize the spade or shovel to lift the cut sections of grass and turf, and place them gently in a wheelbarrow. Use a garden rake to rid the soil of any debris or stones.

Step 3 - Dig a Bed

Dig out the cleared area to create a bed for the gravel, 12 inches deep.  Tamp the soil down with a manual tamper.

Step 3 – Laying the Crushed Gravel

Take the roll of landscaping fabric and lay it into the bed. Use a pair of scissors to trim and cut the fabric, according to the dimensions of your area. Use stakes to fix the edges of the fabric securely for now. Place 3 4-inch layers of gravel upon the landscaping fabric, and make sure that they are in this order: first lay the gravel size 3, then size 57 and finally size 21A.

The first layer consists of gravel the size of a fist or baseball. The second layer of gravel is somewhat smaller than a ping-pong ball. The third layer consists of crushed gravel the size of a thumbnail, but it should have stone dust added to it. Pay attention not to utilize rounded gravel. This is because rounded gravel tends to move when you apply pressure onto it.

Ensure that the landscaping fabric is completely invisible under the gravel. You can now take the wooden boards and stakes away, and check that the edging is good enough. Use the manual tamper, to press the gravel down well, in order to smooth it and make it look more even. Make sure that the edges are lower than the driveway’s center, so that when it rains, water will flow down the sides without accumulating in puddles on the surface.

Properly laid driveways need regular maintenance. You will have to do some grading and other maintenance-related tasks on the driveway every few years. Remember to take the preparation process seriously, and get yourself good support to make a good job. A properly laid gravel driveway will last for years, and it will also enhance the outer appearance of your house. It projects a more aesthetic and beautiful look around the neighborhood.