How to Lay Flat Stone

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Carpenters level
Rubber mallet
Landscape fabric

Flat stone has been used for decorating variously designed landscapes for years, and laying flat stones in your lawn or garden can make a marvelous addition to its general appearance. Flat stones are available on the market in various sizes, designs and colors, which you can utilize to match whatever needs you have. You can use the material in creating a series of stepping stones that will form a path through your garden. Additionally, flat stones can be used to create a tiny wall around the backyard. Whatever way you decide to utilize the material, you are surely going to have an attractive design.
Flat stones can be laid without the help of a professional and with a few simple tools that are generally included in a household kit.

Step 1 - Measuring the Area

Take a measurement of the area that you desire to lay the flat stones on. Take note that it will be easier if you are going to follow a rectangular design than one that is round or curved.

Step 2 - Digging the Area

Before you can lay a flat stone, you need to dig out a space on the ground for it which is around 8 to 10 inches. For proper drainage, make sure that your excavation is sloping gently away from your house. You can make use of a Carpenter’s level to ensure that you are creating a slope. Generally, the measurement of the slope should be ¼ inch per square foot.

Step 3 - Laying the Landscape Fabric

After digging out the area, you need to lay landscape fabric over it. Once it is done, you should pour around 3 inches of sand over the fabric. Any excess sand will redistribute itself over the low areas, so you will end up with a surface that is level.

Step 4 - Pressing the Flat Stones

Press down on each of the flat stones that you laid. Do it by beginning on one corner of a flat stone and working your way downwards. To make sure that they fit close and snug to each other, use your rubber mallet and gently tap down on each of the flat stones.

Step 5 - Laying Sand

Once you have finished laying the flat stones to cover the entire area you desire, get sand and spread it over the whole surface. Work the sand into the spaces found in between the flat stones by sweeping the surface with the broom. Excess sand can be washed off by spraying the surface with the water hose. To make sure that your flat stones will last for a long time, swathe the whole area with a protective cover when more moisture is in the air during the cold season. Doing this will ensure that the flat stones will not crack. You can also make your flat stones more beautiful with the addition of decorative foliage around the flat stone borders. If you want a contrasting lively green color to contrast with the stone color, you can use creeping thyme or moss.