How to Lay Marble Flooring

What You'll Need
Marble tiles
White thinset mortar
Grout float
Notched trowel

Marble flooring is definitely a nice luxury to have and it is ideal in many up-market homes. Marble tiles may be polished as well for a shinier and more elegant appearance. They can also look more rustic depending on how they are treated. Since marble is a natural stone, installing and maintaining it is much like installing and maintaining other natural stone floors such as slate. Marble floor tiles are available in various patterns, styles and colors. Installing a marble floor is no more complicated than installing any other tiles, but there are some special materials that you will need which are suitable for the job.

Step 1 – Preparations

Before you begin, make sure that you are starting with a completely flat, smooth and clean surface which is suitable for installing the marble tiles onto. If the subfloor is made from concrete, any damage to it must be patched up first. If the subfloor is made from another material which is not suitable for installing marble tile onto, some appropriate backerboard will need to be installed before continuing. When the surface is prepared, lay out your tiles to determine the pattern in which they will be installed. For best results, it is ideal to start with the first tile exactly in the center of the wall opposite the entrance door. This will make the installation more balanced.

Step 2 – Lay Tiles

Mix the mortar as directed to by the product label. Apply a 1/4 inch layer of the mortar to the first area of installation. Apply enough mortar to lay about 4 tiles. Apply another, thinner layer of mortar onto the back of each tile and place the tiles down, twisting them slightly to make sure that they are set firmly into the surface. Continue installing the rest of the tiles in the same manner. You may want to use tile spacers to keep the joints between the tiles as even as possible. As you need to cut the tiles, use an appropriate tile cutter. A wet saw is ideal. Once all of the tiles have been laid, leave the floor overnight to dry.

Step 3 – Grout and Seal

Use an impregnating sealer when the tiles have set. Simply paint this sealant on using paint brushes. Wipe away excess sealant as you go. Mix the tile grout as directed by the product label once the sealer has dried. Pack the grout tightly into the joints between the marble tiles and make sure that you remove any excess grout as you go. Use a grout float to pack the grout into the joints. Leave the grout overnight to completely dry. You can provide one more coat of sealant at this point, but make sure that it is left an adequate amount of time to dry before walking in the room.