How to Lay Out Lighting in Luxury Home Plans How to Lay Out Lighting in Luxury Home Plans

What You'll Need
Home planning software (preferably with 3-D CAD capability)

In order to lay out lighting in luxury home plans, you need to acquire software that can assist you in creating a home plan. Plans help you get an idea on how the lighting looks best. Some software programs can even give you a 3-D view of the layout and design to help you better visualize your layout.

Step 1 - Obtain Planning Software for Your Computer

You will need to purchase software that can perform lighting layout for your luxury home plans. You can purchase this software online or in stores that sell specialty software products.

The software package should have all of the functions and features that you need to produce quality, approved luxury home plans. You should also look for software that has 3-D computer-aided-design (CAD) capabilities. This feature will help you visualize your lighting plan and make adjustments.

Step 2 - Load the Software on Your Computer

Once you obtain the software, place it on your computer in order. Make sure that the software is the right software for your computer and that your personal computer or laptop meets the system requirements to properly run the software.

Step 3 - Lay Out the Lighting

Start the program and begin laying out your lighting design for your luxury home plans. You will start by creating a floor plan for your home, which requires you to understand how to mark walls, closets and other spaces in the program. If you can obtain a computerized copy of your luxury home from your builder, this will aid you immensely in getting your luxury home’s layout into your software.

After you create the floor plan design, begin mapping the lighting layout in accordance with the instructions for the software. With the 3-D CAD feature, you should be able to see the lighting design as you create it. This feature allows you to properly position the lights and come up with a design that is to your liking.

Step 4 - Create the Final Version of Your Luxury Home Plans

Make all necessary adjustments to the lighting arrangement in the luxury home plans before you submit the plan for final approval. You should check on the lighting standards for your community, as they may not be preloaded or included with your software.

Because lighting involves electricity, you need to obtain approval from the building inspector’s office prior to implementing the final plan design.

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