How to Lay out Rough in Plumbing

What You'll Need
Copper pipe and fittings
Lead-free solder
Metal plumbers tape
ABS pipe cleaner
Reciprocating saw
Propane torch
Spade bits
ABS pope and fittings
ABS glue
Metal plates

Rough plumbing means that you will have to lay out all the pipes required for the plumbing system in a new house without making the actual connections. It is usually done during the framing of the house since it is easier to push pipes on walls and floors. It can also save a lot of time for the do it yourself-er to do a rough plumbing and have a professional plumber check it for possible violations of the local code, before doing the real installation.

Step 1 – Making the Diagram

Do a diagram of your water supply system that will show the pipe sizes and angles as you intend to do them.

Step 2 – Selecting the Pipes

If the local code allows it, type L or M copper pipe or Schedule 40 PVC pipe should be used. A ¾-inch pipe should be used for the main line and ½-inch for the branch lines.

Step 3 – Making Sweat Connections

All copper sweat connections must be done with a lead-free solder.

Step 4 – Running Water Lines

Run lateral water lines through holes that were pre-drilled in the studs. Ensure that they have a slightly larger diameter than the pipes and located at least 1 inch from the stud faces.

Step 5 – Securing the Pipes

Secure pipes that stick out of the walls for stub outs and fixtures with metal plumber's tape.