How to Lay Outdoor Carpet Tiles

Outdoor carpet tiles can be some of the best fixtures for an outdoor patio or deck space. Rather than leave concrete or wood surfaces exposed outside, an outdoor carpet can be more pleasant to walk on and more attractive to look at. Most outdoor carpets are split into smaller tiles to make the installation process easier and so that you don't have to install a single sheet of carpeting at one time. In order to install the outdoor tiles, follow the steps listed below.

Tools and Materials

  • Push broom and dustpan
  • Power washer
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk line
  • Carpet tiles
  • Resealable container of adhesive designed for outdoor carpet tiles
  • Utility knife

Step 1 -- Prepare the Surface for the Carpet

Before you can install the carpet tiles on the ground outside of your home, you'll first need to clean off the surface thoroughly. This is true whether you're installing the carpet over concrete or wood. Use the push broom to clean up any dirt and debris that may be on the surface of the flooring. Next, use a power washer to thoroughly clean off the surface of the floor on which you'll install the carpet. Allow the flooring to dry completely before you proceed to the next step of the process.

Step 2 -- Measure the Surface

Use the measuring tape to measure the surface of the area that you'll install the carpet on. When you purchase carpet tiles, be sure to add at least a few extra square feet in order to ensure that you'll have some spare carpeting in case you make a mistake along the way.

Step 3 -- Create Chalk Lines on the Surface

Measure opposite sides of the surface and find the midpoint of both sides. Draw a chalk line between the two. Repeat this process for the other set of sides of the surface and draw another chalk line. The two lines should intersect to form a T shape and should meet at the center.

Step 4 -- Lay the Tile

Lay the first tile over the center of the chalk line. Do not adhere it to the surface yet. Lay other tiles adjacent to it to fill out as much of the space as possible by using as many whole tiles as you can.

Step 5 -- Adhere Whole Tiles

When you've laid the tile down and you're happy with the layout, apply about 5 small dots of adhesive, about the size of a half dollar each, around the base of the tile. Lay the center tile first and ensure that you do not try to move it after laying it on the flooring. Repeat this process with the other whole tiles.

Step 6 -- Cut and Lay Additional Tile Pieces

Cut remaining tile pieces according to the needs of the space. Lay those tile pieces using the adhesive as well. Allow the adhesive to dry for about a day before attempting to walk on the carpet at all.