How to Lay Portable Putting Green Turf

What You'll Need
Base pieces
Mounting pins

Portable putting green turf is a great idea to create a nice atmosphere for recreational areas at home. Basically, this is artificial green turf which can be mounted and dismounted where and when you wish quite easily. Most portable putting green turf can be assembled relatively easily by following these basic steps.

Step 1: Purchase and Read the Instructions Well

First of all you have to decide where you will place the turf. Most types are ideal for indoor use only. However, some others are made up from materials which are weatherproof and can therefore be placed outdoors as well. Ideally, the area should be covered in order to retain the turf in a good condition and prolong its life. Once you decide where you will place it, measure the area and purchase enough turf to cover the available area. Most of these products will be supplied with detailed instructions, so make sure to read them carefully prior to starting the assembling process.

Step 2: Clean the Area

Remove any items from the room which may be in the way such as furniture and carpets. Then, clean the floor well so as to remove any dust and debris. Sweep or vacuum the area and then wipe with a damp floor cloth and let it dry well before proceeding.

Step 3: Place the Base Pieces On the Floor

Open the packaging and start to place all the base pieces of the putting turf next to each other on the floor. These will probably be accompanied by a plan to guide you how to place them. They could be numbered or marked alphabetically to help you to identify them more easily. Each panel piece will have a hole through which you have to insert a sort of pin. Basically, you have to stick it to the base piece and fix it to the floor underneath. This will ensure stability and avoid any slipping or unwanted movement.

Step 4: Unfold the Turf

Once all the base pieces have been assembled and fixed to the floor you can then unfold the turf which will be placed on them. On the bottom part of the turf there will be holes marked which you have to try to align as accurately as possible onto the corresponding holes on each base piece you placed previously.

Step 5: Stick Them Together

At this point all you have to do is to press the turf onto each part in order to stick them well together. Their materials should make this easy as they should sort of adhere to each other easily as some pressure is applied. Some of them may have an underlying folding side which you will have to pin down underneath the base.

Step 6: Fix Any Accessories

Finally you just have to fix your desired accessories on the turf. These types of portable putting turf are usually used for playing games such as golf. So in such a case you will have to fix cups and flags.

By following these basic steps you should find it quite easy to lay portable putting turf.