How to Lay Roll Out Grass Patches

What You'll Need
Grass patch
Utility knife
Grass roller
Water sprinkler

Roll out grass patches are a simple solution to covering areas of grass that may not have taken well in your yard. With this, you will have the instant gratification of a beautiful lawn. Here's what you should know.

Step 1 - Rake the Area

Before you can successfully use a patch, you need to prepare the bare spot. Start by raking the area well. This will loosen up the ground and allow the patch to root faster. You may need to add some soil if the ground is especially hard.

Step 2 - Cut the Patch

Roll out grass patches will need to be cut to size. You can do this with a good pair of garden shears or a sharp utility knife. Remember that the roll out patch will shrink a little as it starts to settle, so allow about 1/2 inch of overlap when you are cutting it.

Step 3 - Place and Roll

The patch needs to be placed on the prepared soil. Pat it down as well as you can by hand. You can use a grass roller once it has been placed to ensure better contact.

Step 4 - Watering

New patches need to be watered with in half an hour of installation. It will need to be watered more often than the rest of the yard to ensure it stays alive while it goes through the rooting process.