How to Lay Rubber Tile Flooring Around Concrete Fixtures How to Lay Rubber Tile Flooring Around Concrete Fixtures

What You'll Need
Rubber tiles
Linoleum knife
Linoleum roller

Rubber tile flooring is a widely used and well favored type of flooring. It is affordable, available in an interesting range of colors and quite easy to install and maintain. In fact, you can easily do the whole installation by yourself. During the installation process you may have cases where you will need to trim the rubber tile so as to make it fit in a smaller space, or to install it around any obstructions. If for instance there are any concrete fixtures on the floor, you will have to install the rubber tiles around them. Let us describe how this is best done.

Step 1 - Clean the Subfloor

Primarily you have to clean and level off the subfloor so as to make sure to have a proper foundation for the rubber tiles and a better adhesion for the adhesive.

Step 2 - Lay Out the Rubber Tiles

It is best to lay out the rubber tiles on the floor as a trial, so as to see how they fit and where you need to cut. Mark on the back part of the tile, to have a clear guidance where and how much you need to cut.

Step 3 - Cutting the Rubber Tile

Then, start to cut the rubber tile carefully, using a utility knife or a linoleum knife. Cut along the marked lines and try not to deviate.

Step 4 - Installing the Rubber Tiles

Once you have cut the tiles, you can spread adhesive on their back and on the subfloor so as to install them. Try to lay the tile snugly and neatly around the concrete fixtures so as to achieve a neat result. When done, press them with a linoleum roller.

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