How to Lay Thin Brick Stone Siding How to Lay Thin Brick Stone Siding

If you are planning to cover the exterior of your home with brick siding you may need some help with how to lay thin brick stone siding. Thin brick siding is similar to brick veneer as it is only a fraction of the thickness of regular brick. It is not a do it yourself project that you should undertake if you are a beginner.

Step 1: Address Potential Moisture Issues

Brick is porous, so water will make its way through the brick. Because of this you will need to put a moisture barrier between the interior walls and the thin brick stone siding. Use a vapor barrier that comes in rolls and is a heavy plastic material. Be sure to overlap seams and to nail down areas around windows and doors and seal tightly. This can't be stressed enough.

Step 2: Installation

It is also wise to lay out the brick siding on the ground to get the lay correct and to cut areas that need fitting before you actually install it on the house. Spread the mortar on the surface of the house, just the amount you can easily install in a few minutes before it hardens. Then install the bricks. After you have set a course, go back and mortar in between the bricks and clean the surface.

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