How to Lay Vinyl Composite Tile How to Lay Vinyl Composite Tile

What You'll Need
Vinyl composite tiles
Tile adhesive
Leveling compound
Buffing machine
Pry bar
Warm water
Scrubbing brush
Tape measure
Carpenters square
Notched trowel
Tile cutter
Damp cloth
Floor roller

Vinyl composite tile is an attractive and inexpensive flooring material. It is made primarily from vinyl, mixed with a few other ingredients. The tiles come in various styles, colors and finishes which allows you to create a uniquely attractive décor. Vinyl composite flooring is extremely resilient, which makes it suitable for high traffic areas. The tiles don’t require much maintenance to keep in good condition. Ease of installation also adds to the appeal of the tiles. This is a project you can undertake yourself with the help of the guide below.

Step 1 – Preparation

It is vital that you lay the tiles on a completely flat surface, to prevent irregularities in appearance. Use a leveling compound to fill dips in the subfloor. Sand down high areas with the help of a buffing machine. Use a pry bar to remove baseboards, thresholds and jambs.

Step 2 - Clean the Floor

Thoroughly clean the floor with warm water and a detergent. Wipe away all water with mops. Allow the floor to dry overnight.

Step 3 – Measure the Floor

Take down measurements of the floor. Purchase some extra tiles to accommodate errors and wastage. They also come in handy for future repair. It is a good idea to note the clearance of doors and cabinets as well. This ensures that you purchase tiles that won’t obstruct movement.

Step 4 – Mark Room Center

Use your tape measure to determine the center of the room. Draw a line across the center, from wall to wall, with a chalk. Draw another line, perpendicular to the first, across the center. The lines serve as vital guidelines when you lay your tiles. Use a carpenter’s square to ensure that the lines are perpendicular.

Step 5 – Apply Adhesive

Work in small areas at a time, 3 feet by 3 feet, so that the adhesive doesn’t dry completely before you attach the tiles. Spread the adhesive onto the subfloor with your trowel. Allow the adhesive to cure partially for the recommended time. It should feel tacky when touched.

Step 6 – Lay the Tiles

Begin from the center and work towards the edge. Lay a single row of tiles. Fit the tiles snuggly against each other. Once you complete one row, lay another row until you’ve filled your 3 foot square. Spread adhesive in another 3 foot section, adjacent to the first. Lay the tiles as before. Once you complete one half of the room, proceed to lay tiles in the other half in the same way.

Step 7 – Border Tiles

Use a vinyl tile cutter to cut tiles to fit along the borders. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe adhesive that may have oozed onto the tile surface.

Step 8 – Roll the Tiles

Use a floor roller to press the tiles firmly in place. Allow the required time for the adhesive to cure before the floor is used.

Step 9 – Finishing

Reinstall the baseboards, thresholds and jambs removed in Step 1.

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