How to Level a Paver Walkway How to Level a Paver Walkway

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If you have an older paver walkway, then you may find that the bricks used in the paver sometimes become uneven. Small inequalities in the level of your pavers can mean that your paver walkway becomes difficult to walk on, and you may be risking tripping and falling. In order to prevent this, you will need to level up the walkway using a few simple tools.

Step 1 - Assess the Pavers

You should first look at your paver walkway, and note where the pavers are particularly raised, or lowered. You may have one particular area which is very bad. Using your trowel, remove all of the affected pavers, and then make sure that the rest of the pavement is as level as you can make it.

Step 2 - Add Sand

Once you have removed the pavers, use the trowel to add an extra layer of sand around the bottom of the pavers. You can either replace the bricks you had previously removed, or you can start again using new pavers. Lay one on the new sand, making sure that it is level with the rest of the paver walkway.

Step 3 - Finish

Repeat for the other pavers you are laying, and then add some caulk between the bricks to keep them firmly in place.

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