How to Level a Rock Driveway

What You'll Need
Extra rock layer

If you have a rock driveway, then you may know that, over time, rocks can begin to bunch up at one end. Constant driving through the rocks, and people walking through it, as well as natural gravity, can cause the driveway to start looking like a Zen pebble garden. It may even come to the point where you have no rocks in some area, and piles of rocks in another. The answer to this problem is to level out the rock driveway so that you have a fresh and even layer. You can have this done by a landscape garden company, or you can try to fix the problem yourself. If you have some basic gardening tools, following some simple step-by-step advice can help you to level out your driveway in a matter of hours.

Step 1 - Brush up on Your Rocks

The first thing that you should do is move all of the rock driveway material to the side. Take your space, and start shoveling from the thickest end. Use a wheelbarrow to carry your rocks to a suitable distance, where you should have some plastic sheeting or an old bedspread. Remove as much of the rock as you can using the spade, and then dig up the remaining layers using a trowel. you should now be able to see the earth bed on which your driveway has been laid.

StepĀ 2 - Dig a Hole

Before you start putting the rocks back where they belong, you should try leveling the ground underneath until it is flat. Take your trowel, and dig out any large clods of earth, grass and other weeds, and any stone which happen to have been under the rock driveway all this time. You can layer the surface with some earth, but once it is level, you are ready to start adding the rocks again.

Step 3 - Add the Old Rocks

Transfer the rocks which you removed from the driveway back onto the earth surface. You can heap them up at one end, and then smooth them down using a rake. The rake is the best method of spreading the rock surface about, although it can be quite tiring work, and you may need several drinks before you can complete the job. Rake the rock material as though you were planting seeds, keeping the ground nice and level.

Step 4 - Add a New Layer

Once you have the old rocks on your driveway, add a fresh layer over the top. Try and scatter this using the spade, placing it as evenly as possible. The new rocks should help you to level out the driveway. After you have added them, take a few turns about the drive with the flat base of your rake, stamping it into the ground with your feet. This should help the rocks to settle in place.