How to Level an Uneven Carport Floor

What You'll Need
Concrete Mix
Tool to Stir Concrete

If your carport was either installed improperly or has become uneven over time, you may find yourself wanting to level it yourself in order to improve the aesthetic appearance of the space or for structural reasons. The best way to level an uneven carport is to apply a concrete overlay to the carport surface that will cover the existing carport surface and level itself out as it dries.

Step 1: Clean Carport Surface

The first step in this process will be to clean the surface you will be leveling entirely. Since you will be applying concrete to existing surfaces, it will be important to make sure that you clean any debris off of your carport surface before you begin to apply new concrete.

Step 2: Apply Concrete to Particularly Bad Areas

The next step of your project will be to even out particularly uneven sections of your carport and to fix cracks that may have formed in the existing surface. Fill these spaces with concrete so that your surface is as close to level as possible before you begin the process of permanently leveling the entire carport floor. Allow these patches of concrete to dry completely before proceeding to pour additional concrete on top.

Step 3: Create Retaining Walls

Since you will be applying wet concrete to your carport floor, you will need to create metal or wooden retaining walls around the perimeter of your carport surface in order to prevent the concrete from spilling over the sides of the surface. A retaining wall of 2-3 inches should be sufficient for this purpose, depending on how much concrete you plan to eventually pour. Apply duct tape to any cracks or joints in the existing carport surface to prevent concrete from seeping between cracks.

Step 4: Apply Primer

Before pouring your new concrete, you will need to apply a layer of primer to provide a surface for the concrete to bond to. Depending on the condition of your existing carport surface, you may need to add more than one layer of primer before pouring concrete.

Step 5: Mix Overlay Concrete

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly mix the concrete with water in the proper proportions. Use a stirring device attached to an electric drill in order to completely stir mixture together.

Step 6: Pour Concrete

With a partner present to make sure that the concrete solution stays mixed, begin to pour the mixture evenly across the surface of your carport. Work from corner to corner along the narrow axis of your carport, allowing the concrete mixture to find its own level as it settles. Use your trowel to work concrete into corners and sides. Repeat this in as many batches as you need to reach the desired height of the new overlay.

Step 7: Allow Time to Dry

Finally, you will need to allow enough time for your new concrete surface to dry completely before placing any weight on it. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to determine the proper dry time.