How to Level Paver Steps How to Level Paver Steps

What You'll Need
Brick pavers

If you have a deck or patio in your house, building paver steps can make it more attractive. It can be a tiring work but you can complete it on a weekend, which will allow your landscape to have a new feature that will complement your other outdoor decorations. But you need to ensure that the pavers are level in order not to crack them when you walk on the steps.

Step 1 - Excavating

After taking measurements, excavate the area in a shape that roughly conforms to the steps you will be constructing. Make sure that you are taking the height of pavers into account with an additional half inch for the sand.

Step 2 - Leveling

Level the surface of each paver step with the level. Never rush through this process since it is essential to make the steps as level as you can. Tamp the surface down using the tamper.

Step 3 - Completing the Leveling Process

To complete your leveling task, spread half an inch of sand over the surface of the steps. If the soil is crumbly or too loose, you can lay a landscape project from top to bottom of the steps.

Step 4 - Installing the Paver Steps

Install the pavers very close to each other on each step by pressing them on the step surface. Step back and take the overall look of the steps. If you notice any unleveled part, remove the pavers in the area and adjust the sand underneath. Use the level to ensure proper adjustment and replace the pavers.

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