How to Level the Land in Your Backyard to Build a Practice Putting Green How to Level the Land in Your Backyard to Build a Practice Putting Green

What You'll Need
Turf roller
Spirit level
Tape measure

In the process of installing a practice putting green in your backyard, you may need to prepare the area first by leveling it. Understanding what this involves will help you to ensure that the resulting green is properly laid.

Step 1 – Determine Area

If you intend to create a green within the confines of a larger area, you must begin by measuring the area. Use a tape measure to help you determine the dimensions that will be appropriate for your practice putting green if you are reluctant to use the entire backyard. Mark out the area with a piece of chalk or with sticks.

Step 2 – Check Level

You may be able to detect unevenness to the surface simply by standing and walking on it. However, this will not be sufficient for an effective practice putting green. An extended spirit level stick can be obtained from a tool hire store and will help you to determine the extent of any incline. Use it over the entire area at regular intervals to locate where some leveling work will be required.    

Step 3 – Flatten

Depending on the type of soil that makes up your backyard, it may only require the use of a roller. This piece of equipment is of a sufficient weight to flatten the surface that it is used on and is most beneficial for areas where the soil is relatively soft. You will find that this tool can often be delivered by an equipment hire company. It will need to be slowly moved across the surface to displace the soil and leave a flat surface that is ideal for your practice putting green.  

Step 4 – Lift Turf

In the event that the backyard has a large incline or a very rough surface, it may be necessary to lift the turf in order to complete an effective repair. Use the edge of a shovel to cut through the turf by using a light stabbing action along the entire border of the putting green area. Once you have completed the entire perimeter, start at one end and carefully roll up the turf. Lay it aside so that it can be replaced after the leveling work has been undertaken.

Step 5 – Excavate  

Using a shovel or a trowel, gradually remove some of the soil from the most heavily affected areas. As you do this, continually use the spirit level to keep a check on your progress and determine whether the soil can be transferred or if it needs to removed completely. You will be able to flatten the surface further by using the roller after this process has been undertaken. Complete the installation of your practice putting green by replacing the turf. Position it at one end so that you are able to roll it back out into place. Applying some sand to the edges may help it to take to the soil.

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