How to Level Your Gravel Patio

What You'll Need
2x4 lumber
Fine crushed stone
Screened fine gravel
Landscape fabric
Garden hose
Metal rake
Plastic landscape edging
Tamping tool

Some people choose a gravel patio because it requires less maintenance and brings a certain charm to your backyard lounge area. But a lot of homeowners have trouble in terms of making sure it is level. Most of the time, they are not aware that the reason their gravel patios seem uneven is because the base is uneven. To level a gravel patio, you should do a simple renovation in your patio area. Here is an easy way to level your gravel patio.

Step 1 – Rake the Tops

Rake the tops 3 to 5 inches of gravel from your patio until you reach the landscape fabric or the base surface of your patio. Sometimes, it could be simple a layer of sand.

Step 2 – Tamp the Sand Surface

Tamp down the sand surface using your tamping tool if there isn’t a landscape fabric. This is usually a black piece of large plastic that separates the gravel from the base ground. Make the base ground flat and firm. You would have to install a black landscape fabric if your patio has none. It is important to use a landscape fabric that can let water seep through but not enough for weeds to grow into. Consult your landscaping expert on what type of landscaping material to use.

Step 3 – Check the Patio’s Edging

Make sure it is measured around ½ inch or 12mm above the level of the ground surrounding your patio on the periphery.

Step 4 – Remove Debris

Remove any debris out of your gravel by raking it back and forth or turning it over using your shovel. Check for unwanted chunks of gravel that has formed.

Step 5 – Return the Gravel

Return the gravel back into the patio area and use your rake to smooth it out. Take your tamping tool and tamp down lightly to make it even.

Step 6 – Add Gravel

Add more gravel that you have sifted on top of the first layer you have created until it is 1 ½ inch to 2 ½ inches over the top edging of your patio. Rake and then tamp once again using your tamping tool.

Step 7  - Water the Patio

Water down the patio using your garden house and let the water drain through. This will help the gravel settle in if there are any air spaces. Tamp once again to level.

Step 8 - Spread Crushed Stone

Take your fine crushed stone and spread about ½ to 1 inch layer on your patio until is around 1 inch below the tops edge of your patio.

Step 9 – Place the Board

Take your 2x4 board and place it over the edging. Use this to level the gravel and fine stone on the surface of your patio area.