How to Line a Metal Planter

What You'll Need
Lead-free asphalt paint
Paint brush
Old newspapers
Working mask and gloves
Towel or dry cloth
Garden hose

A metal planter is an attractive plant container that can be used both indoors and outdoors. A metal planter is a durable alternative to other types of planters such as the ones made of ceramic, wood or plastic. However, like all objects that are made of metal, a metal planter needs extra protection against rust. This is especially true with outdoor metal planters that are constantly exposed to changing weather patterns and exposure to over-watering and moisture. A good indication that your metal planter needs lining is when it turns brown and unsightly.

By lining up your metal planter with asphalt paint you will be able make your metal rust-proof and more attractive. Lining up a metal planter is easy with the following materials and steps.

Step 1 - Choose a Location

Lining a metal planter is best done outdoors for good air circulation since you will be working with asphalt paint. Choose a location that is near a water supply so that you can easily wash the metal planter once you are done. To avoid the usual paint drips that comes along with painting, spread old newspapers on your working area.

Step 2 - Clean the Metal Planter

If you are lining an old metal planter, clean the metal planter by turning it upside down to remove the dirt inside. Rinse the metal planter with water using a garden hose. Remove the remaining dirt that is clinging in inside the metal planter with a wire brush. If you just purchased a brand new metal planter at your local gardening boutique, remove the dust and dirt using a damp cloth. Wipe the newly cleaned metal planter with a towel or a dry cloth and allow it to dry in the sun for at least an hour.

Step 3 - Apply the Asphalt Paint

Wearing a working mask and a pair of working gloves, apply a coat of asphalt paint at the sides of the metal planter with a paint brush starting from the outside. Proceed with painting the base of the metal planter using a small bristled paint brush to paint around the curves of the metal planter. Proceed applying asphalt paint in the inside of the metal planter. Avoid painting the drainage holes. To achieve a smooth finish, paint with straight strokes. 

Allow the newly painted metal planter to dry in the sun for at least 2 hours.

Step 4 - Apply the Finishing Touches

After letting the first coat of asphalt paint on the metal planter completely dry out in the sun, apply the second and last coating of asphalt paint for a more finished look. Make sure to paint all the areas outside and inside of the metal planter. You can use a flashlight to look for spots that you missed. After applying the last coating of asphalt paint, allow the metal planter to dry in the sun for at least 2 hours before filling it up with dirt for planting.