How to Line Silk Drapes (pt 2 of 3) How to Line Silk Drapes (pt 2 of 3)

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Lining fabric
Silk pin heads

Silk drapes can make a room cozy and luxurious. Adding lining to the drapes can give it fullness. Apart from that, lining can also add to its insulation properties. Even though readymade silk drapes are expensive, you can cut the cost by stitching the lining yourself. Lining the silk drapes only requires some basic skills in sewing and a little bit of patience. If you have enough time, give it a try and adorn your windows with silk drapes. Here is a guide instructing how to measure the lining fabric for your silk curtains.

Step 1 - Deciding the Type of Silk Drapes

You can add lining to two types of silk drapes. One is adding lining to the silk curtain fabric and the other is adding lining to a readymade curtain. The former one is easier compared to the latter one. If you want to add lining to readymade silk drapes, keep in mind that the top panel will already be stitched. They will usually be rod pocket or pleated.

Step 2 - Preparing Your Silk Drapes for Measuring

Silk, being a very delicate fabric, should be handled very carefully. When you are measuring, touch the fabric as little as you can. Keep in mind that silk also wrinkles very easily. To measure the lining, lay the silk curtain fabric flat on the floor or on a large table. You should be able to measure the exact size of fabric required for lining the curtain.

Step 3 - Measuring Silk Drape Fabric

If you are using the fabric, which hasn’t been converted into a curtain, taking measurements for the lining is easy. First of all, place the measuring tape on the longer side of the curtain and measure the length. Then, place the measuring tape on the other side of the fabric and measure the width for the lining fabric. You may not be able to take the correct measurements alone. So, you can ask for someone’s help to hold the other side of the measuring tape for you.

Step 4 - Measuring Readymade Silk Drapes

If you have a rod pocket curtain, you can either stitch the lining on the back of the pocket or you can remove the stitching of the pocket and re-stitch along with the lining fabric. On the other hand, if you have a pleated top panel, you will need to do some hand stitching on the top edge. The approximate width of readymade silk drapes is 66 inches. So the lining fabric should also be of the same width. For the lining fabric, add two inches at the top and eight inches at the bottom. The eight inches at the bottom is for stitching two four-inch hems.

Step 5 - Selecting the Lining Fabric

Select thicker fabrics that give body to your silk drapes. You can also select block–out fabrics, which have insulation properties, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Once you have bought the lining fabric, lay it on top of the silk drapes and secure all the sewing ends using silk pin heads.

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