How to Load a Nail Gun

There are various ways to load a nail gun, and each different model has a unique reloading process. The steps below are the common procedures to reload a nail gun.

Step 1. Turn Off the Nail Gun

Before you begin, make sure that the nail gun is turned off and unplugged. This will prevent electrocution.

Step 2. Read the User Manual

Read your owner's manual to familiarize yourself with the tool. Identify whether there are special procedures involved in its reloading process.

Step 3. Get a Nail Clip

Acquire a nail clip containing the nails for your particular model. Make sure that the nail clip fits in your nail gun.

Step 4. Position the Nail Clip with the Sleeve

Position the nail clip directly in line with the sleeve of the nail gun. Ensure that the nail heads are pointed at the barrel.

Step 5. Slide the Nail Clip into the Notch

Slide the nail clip into the notch located at the base of the sleeve.

Step 6. Hold the Nail Gun Upside Down

The nails need to fall at the end of the nail gun’s sleeve and you can do this by simply holding the nail gun in an upside down position.

Step 7. Press the Spring Mechanism Button

There is spring mechanism button located on the sleeve. Press and hold the button and then slide the spring in its proper position.

Step 8. Listen for a Clicking Sound

As you slide down the spring mechanism, listen for a clicking sound that indicates that the clip is in its proper place. Make sure you hear this sound before using your nail gun.