How to Locate Your Sewer Line

In order to replace a sewer line, it is necessary to know its location.

Step 1 – Getting Professional Assistance

Contact your local government office. Inquire about available sewer maps and their accuracy. Inquire about a map of your neighborhood. Find the property lines for your land.

Step 2 – Getting Friendly Assistance

If the house has been in the neighborhood for many years, and you are not the original owner, check with neighbors about the sewer line location. People who have lived in the neighborhood for many years may know some information that could help you.

Step 3 – Inspecting Your Property

Check your property for a sewage easement area. A sewage pipe would most likely be installed in the easement area. Check for small pipe stubs sticking up near the easement area. These pipes are used to clean the lines.

Step 4 – Digging the Ground on Your Property

Use a shovel to dig the area where you believe the line is located. Be sure to check with your local government office and any service providers about digging. If necessary, get the necessary permits before you begin any digging work. Be careful while you dig to ensure that you do not damage the sewer line or any other system lines on your property.