How to Locate Your Water Shutoff Valve

All homes have two water shutoff valve locations. It's best to learn where these important valves are before you need to use them. The challenge for most homeowners is finding the meter. Most homes will have a curbside valve that is better accessed by city workers using special wrenches, and there is usually another shutoff valve at the water meter inside the house that homeowners should use.

Step 1--Find Your Water Meter

Your meter will usually be in a basement or crawl space along the floor.

Step 2--Identify the Supply Line

Once you find your inside meter, you'll see a water supply line coming out of each side of the meter. There will be a shutoff valve on each side of the meter.

Step 3--Shut Off Water to The House

Determine which line is the supply line coming into the house from the outside. To turn off the water coming into the home, you need to turn off the valve on the supply side of the meter, where the water line comes into the house.

Step 4--Label the Valve

Just so everyone will be able to quickly identify which valve is the shutoff valve in an emergency, label or paint the valve for future reference. Paint the valve handle red or tie a ribbon on it.