How to Lower Costs with Reupholstery How to Lower Costs with Reupholstery

In society today, many people are frantically searching for ways to cut down on spending, so learning how to lower costs with re-upholstery will benefit you if you are renovating your current home and you wish to change your décor, as décor changes can entail revamping your furniture. Sometimes upholstery costs half of the price you would spend if buying something new.

No Labor Costs

Let’s say that you possess an old barrel chair that has been in your family for awhile. You want to hold on to it, but the way it looks now, you wouldn’t even want any visitors to see it in your home. However, one day you stumble upon some interesting fabric, but don’t think you could reupholster the chair yourself. Well, the fabric might only cost $5 per yard. If you need 10 yards, the cost would be $50. However, the labor might cost between $150 to $400 or so, depending on who you choose. If you reupholster that chair yourself, you automatically eradicate the need to pay for labor, so it’s worth taking the time to research how to reupholster that chair.    

No Need to Take Expensive Courses

All of the step-by-step instructions that you need to begin reupholstering that old chair or a favorite sofa is available online and in books that you can purchase cheaply or check out from the library. You can also find online videos if you learn better visually.

You Can Purchase Upholstery-Ready Fabric

Many fabric and/or upholstery materials stores offer remnant fabric for very reasonable amounts. The only problem is procuring the sizes you need for whatever item you’re working on. In any case, purchasing your own material will save you money, as you won’t be paying for any major mark-up costs like you would when buying a brand new furniture item.

No Delivery Charge

Normally, when someone buys furniture, he or she will have to pay to have it delivered because such items are large and awkward to transport home in an average-sized automobile. However, when you choose to reupholster, the items are already in your home. You may only need to pick up some fabric or tools, but doing that won’t cost you as much as paying for delivery would.

You Waste Less Resources

Being environmentally responsible is a concern many people share today. Well, when you choose to reupholster a piece of furniture, you are basically recycling. Sure, you need something to cover that ottoman with, but you could use an unneeded clothing item such as a wool skirt for the fabric, thereby saving even more resources and money.

You have just been presented with ways in which reupholstery can benefit you financially. Think about it; paying $50 as opposed to $100 or $500 as opposed to $1,000 sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Some people might worry that they will lose quality or value of a sofa or kitchen chair set if they choose reupholstery, but that’s not true. If your item is still intact structurally after years of use, there is no reason why it won’t continue serving you well after it’s reupholstered.

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