How to Lubricate and Maintain Garage Door Rollers

What You'll Need
Spray Oil (Cooking Spray Oil Works Well)
Socket Set
Replacement Wheels

Maintaining your garage door rollers will ensure that your garage door operates optimally for the life of the door and it's hardware. This piece of maintenance is frequently overlooked, and one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects that can be done on the door.

Step 1 - Lubricate Tracks

Start by spraying the tracks of the wheels for the garage door with the oil. First, clean the tracks of dirt and debris with a wet cloth. Once the track is dry, spray the oil along the track from the top to the bottom. Spray individual wheels with the oil as well.

Step 2 - Adjust the Tracks

Misaligned tracks will make the wheels jump around or will result in jerky movement of the door. Visually inspect the tracks for misalignment and adjust the tracks as needed by loosening bolts and re-tightening them once the track path has been adjusted.

Step 3 - Replace Rollers

Any wheels or rollers that are broken or damaged should be replaced. Wheels can simply be pulled out of their bracket, and a new one inserted. If the wheel sticks or will not pull out, tap the end with a screwdriver or hammer.