How to Maintain a Stainless Steel Sink How to Maintain a Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sink has become the popular choice nowadays for many households that are looking for a modern home decor. Such sinks offer various benefits like durability, and a contemporary aesthetic look. In order to maintain the beautiful look and at the same time keep the sink germ free, proper care and maintenance is essential so that it offers a life time of service.

Maintenance of Stainless Steel Sink :  Oxygen from the atmosphere combines with Chromium present in the stainless steel to form a compound called Chromium Oxide. This layer of Chromium Oxide prevents the corrosion of steel and keeps it shining always. But dirt, smudge and grit collected on the steel surface hinders this process and hence causes accelerated corrosion. This can be prevented by regular cleaning and using the sink appropriately. 

Cleaning the sink : Dirt and other materials such as lime, salt, calcium etc from washing the pots and pans in the sink can damage the sink if allowed to settle for a long period of time. Therefore, it is a good idea to always rinse the sink after use. The sink should be cleaned simply with mild soap water and then dried with a clean, soft towel or a soft tissue paper. Dish washing detergent, glass cleaner or a solution of ammonia is also a good choice for cleaning the sink. Cleaning agents that contain chlorine or cleaning agents that are abrasive should not be used since they can cause a lasting impression on the sink thus easily damaging it. Care should also be taken not to use steel wool pads to clean the sink because it leaves scratches and destroys the polished look of the sink. Any other cleaning tool like brushes etc should also be avoided. 

Precautions During Use : Careless usage of the sink can cause more damage to its surface than any cleaning agent. Do not just throw pots, and pans in the sink. The pots and pans should be placed on rubber mats so as to protect the finish of the sink. Stainless steel bottom pads or grids can also be used in place of the rubber mats. Avoid using sharp instruments like knife etc on the sink surface. Do not keep acid based foods on the surface of the sink for a long time. Strong chemicals like paints, paint removers, and oven cleaners should not be allowed to come into contact with the sink. But if any such contact does occur, the sink surface should be then quickly flushed with water. Another important thing to remember is to not pour extremely hot water into the sink, allow it to cool down a little before pouring in. Water when comes in contact with sink can rust it slowly therefore do not leave wet cloth, sponges or towels on the sink for a long time. 

Following these easy to use tips will go a long way in maintaining the classy look and finish of your stainless steel sink and protect it from all kinds of stain, scratches and discoloration.

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