How to Maintain a Terra Cotta Tile How to Maintain a Terra Cotta Tile

What You'll Need
Broom and dust pan
Mild detergent made for cleaning terra cotta tile floors
Grout cleaner
Protective gloves

A good terra cotta tile flooring design can help to enhance the appearance and warmth of any room in your home. Terra cotta tiles are made from clay and other ingredients that are melted down and mixed together. They are both sturdy and attractive, and it's easy to see why many people opt to use them in their homes for these reasons. Additionally, maintaining a terra cotta tile floor is relatively straightforward and requires only a few simple ingredients.

Step 1: Pick Up Any Large Debris

Before you begin, look around at the terra cotta floor in your area and pick up any large debris that you can find. This includes big pieces of garbage, large dust balls, any food waste or other items as well. This stuff is easiest to remove initially so that you don't run the risk of mopping it into the surface of the tile, which can create stains that are difficult to deal with. Throw all of these items away in a garbage can.

Step 2: Sweep the Floors

Use your broom to sweep the floors. Collect the dust and smaller pieces of debris into distinctive piles and then sweep them up into a dust pan. Throw the contents of the dust pan away into the garbage as well, being careful not to spill. You may find that it's difficult to get some of the debris cleaned up, and that a good portion of the small dust particles find their way to the grout layers in between the individual terra cotta tiles. if this is the case, you should continue with the next steps. Most commonly, however, people will regularly sweep their terra cotta tile floors and will reserve the subsequent steps in this process for more thorough and unique cleaning occasions.

Step 3: Mop the Floors

Dilute the mild detergent in a bucket with water according to the cleaning instructions. Soak a clean mop in the bucket and then mop up the floors. This is especially useful if you have any sticky spots on the floors or if there are deeper set stains and pieces of debris. This can also help to clean up the remaining dust particles.

Step 4: Use a Grout Cleaner

Being careful to wear protective gloves, use rags and a grout cleaner to thoroughly clean up the grout areas in between the tiles. This is the final step in a very thorough cleaning process and likely will not need to be done each time you clean your terra cotta tile floors.

For additional advice on cleaning floors or for these materials, visit a hardware or home improvement store.

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