How to Maintain a Washing Machine Drain Field

What You'll Need
The Filter
Septic Seep

The washing machine drain field plays a very important role in ensuring that the waste water from your washing machine is absorbed into the ground. Failing to maintain the drain field will result into problems with the draining system of your washing machine. 

Step 1 : Insert the Filter :

Ensure you insert a filter at the drain pipe outlet to hold back any non-biodegradable substances that may be in the cleaning water before it is released into the drain field. 

Step 2 : Pump the Drainage :

Do not direct any other water into the same drain field unless it is entirely necessary. Pump the washing machine’s drainage outlet regularly and pullout any stuck items that could prevent the water from percolating into the drain field 

Step 3 : Utilize the Septic Seep :

If the soil in the drainage area is already clogged and can no longer let the water from the drain pipe to percolate into the ground, you are advised to introduce septic seep into the soil to reinstate its absorption abilities.