How to Maintain Acrylic Stucco Homes

What You'll Need
Bucket of Water
Mold remover

If you have an acrylic stucco home, then you need to maintain it regularly, in order to ensure that the stucco is long lasting. Maintenance can keep your acrylic stucco from cracking and crumbling, and it can also give you the early warning signs of these problems, allowing you to take better control of the stucco.

Step 1 - Wash Regularly

You need to wash your acrylic stucco, starting at the bottom. You should never wash the stucco from the top, as this can cause absorption problems, which will mean that your wall will just soak up dirty water running from the top of the wall. Wetting the wall thoroughly from the bottom will prevent this absorption, so you will not get stains resulting from washing the walls. You should also avoid pressure washing.

Step 2 - Clean off Mold and Efflorescence

Acrylic stucco can develop a problem known as efflorescence. This problem is a white crystal deposit, which often appears on the surface of your stucco. This can discolor the surface, and needs to be removed by brushing the surface, and using clean water to remove the crystals. You should also use a mold remover at the same time, to wash off any spores.