How to Maintain Air Source Heat Pumps

What You'll Need
Soft cloth
Bucket of warm water
Soft-bristled brush
Work gloves
Vacuum, with brush attachment
Mild detergent

Air source heat pumps are a great device for household heating and cooling. The pumps utilize outside air to heat and cool the home. They also consist of a heater compressor, condenser, radiators and refrigerant system. The pumps are amongst the most energy-efficient available on the market. Proper maintenance is vital to boost performance and extend the service life of your pump. Below is a guide to help you maintain yours.

Step 1 – Cut off the Power

Turn off the pump’s switch. For higher safety, turn off the circuit switch at the main electrical panel. This helps to prevent electrocution.

Step 2 – Clear Dirt and Debris

Regularly remove dirt, leaves and other debris from outside the unit. It facilitates proper ventilation for the pump. If left to accumulate around the unit, dirt and debris may find its way into the pump. Once the unit gets clogged, the efficiency rate tends to drop. Wear a pair of work gloves before you clear away debris from around the pump. Pull out any weeds that may have grown around the unit. Dip a rag in warm water and use it to wipe around the outside of the unit. Wipe away dust and dirt from the vents as well.

Step 3 – Registers

Locate the access panel. Remove the attached screws with the help of a screwdriver. Place the screws and panels aside. Use a soft-bristled brush to clear dust, pet hair and other light debris from the registers. Gently brush the fins on the registers so that they are straight. It facilitates proper air flow. Poor air flow can lead to compressor damage.

Step 4 – Filters

Reach inside the pump for the filters. They usually consist of a fine mesh material. Use a vacuum brush to clear dust and debris from the filters. Be sure to clean both sides of the filters. Fill a sink with warm water and some mild detergent. Use a soft brush to clean the filters. Rinse them well and shake off the water. Allow about 30 minutes for the filters to dry. It is vital that you clean the filters every 2 to 3 months. A build-up of dirt on the filters reduces the pump’s efficiency.

Step 5 – Coils and Fans

Use a soft brush to remove dust and debris from the coils. Wipe the coils with a soft, damp cloth. Brush away dust and debris from the fan blades. Use a damp rag to wipe clean all the blades. Adjust the fan belt if it appears loose.

Step 6 – Re-Install Fans

Retrieve the fans and fit them back into the pump. Wipe away dirt from the access panel with a damp rag. Secure the panel with the screws removed earlier and turn on the power.

Step 7 - Inspection

It is best to have a qualified technician check your unit annually. The technician will be able to check the refrigerant level, ductwork, electrical and mechanical aspects. If there are any adjustments necessary, these will be made.