How to Maintain Brazilian Walnut Hardwood

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Sponge mop
dish liquid
Wood finish

Brazilian walnut hardwood is one of the most durable and beautiful of all hardwoods. Because it is so durable and long lasting, it is a preferred wood for use in furniture, flooring and decks. Follow the simple steps below to keep your Brazilian walnut wood looking clean and new.

Step 1 - Vacuuming

You will need to vacuum all of the dirt from your floor on a regular basis to keep dirt from shoes from being pushed down into the wood. This is especially important before mopping.

Step 2 - Mopping

Pour warm water into your bucket and add a squirt of dish liquid. Use a sponge mop as opposed to a string mop. The less water sitting on the wood,  the better. If it gets too wet, water stains will form. Mop the floor and let it dry completely. You will then add a finish to protect the floor.

Step 3 - Applying a Finish

Find a wood finishing product safe for use on Brazilian walnut. Squirt it on the floor and mop it evenly across the floor. Allow the finish to dry for at least an hour before walking on it. This will give some protection to foot traffic and other stains and help to repel water. This will also bring out the natural grain in the wood.