How to Maintain Concrete Landscaping Blocks

What You'll Need
Muriatic acid, 1 gallon
5 gallon bucket
Garden hose
Wire brush
Rubber gloves
Protective goggles

Concrete landscaping blocks are used for a wide array of things around your home. One of the more common uses of concrete landscaping blocks is as and edging to your landscaping. Essentially, they are placed between your driveway or patio and where the landscaping starts. This is done to create a separation of the two. You can also use concrete landscaping blocks are pathway pavers or to box off vegetation. Since concrete landscaping blocks are outdoors they see a lot of action. The sun can wear off the color. Rain can erode the concrete landscaping blocks and the dirt alone can cause the blocks to become damaged. You want your concrete landscaping blocks to remain beautiful and crisp all the time. Proper maintenance of these blocks is not difficult and the following information will show you how.

Step 1 – The Supplies

Maintaining concrete landscaping blocks is not difficult but using the right tools is incredibly important to a successful project. The local hardware store near your home should have all of the supplies that you need. If they do not have them all; they can order them for you. Choose rubber gloves that are thick like dishwashing gloves. The protective goggles should also fit snugly on your face. Any gaps around the edges can be portals to getting chemicals in your eyes. Purchase a wire brush that is of substantial size. Do not bother with a brush the size of a toothbrush as they will be fairly ineffective.

Step 2 – Mix the Solution

The acid is going to be the solution used to maintain the appearance of the concrete landscaping blocks. Mixing the solution is very important as doing it wrong can cause serious problems and dangerous chemical reactions. Always mix acid to water and never water to acid. Doing so will create a dangerous chemical reaction. The solution you want to make is combing 1 part of acid to 10 parts of water. Use the 5 gallon bucket to mix the materials. Always wear your rubber gloves and the goggles.

Step 3 – Use the Solution

When you have the acid solution mixed you can then use it to clean the concrete landscaping blocks. Dip your wire brush in to the bucket (make sure you are still wearing your goggles and gloves) and then vigorously scrub the blocks. The cleaning solution should bubble and foam when it hits the concrete landscaping blocks. If the solution does not foam or bubble; add another part of acid to the solution. Scrub the blocks again. Scrub a 10 square area at a time and allow the solution to remain on the concrete landscaping blocks for 15 minutes.

Step 4 – Cleaning

After the 15 minutes is up you can then scrub the blocks with the wire brush. Use it to get in the details of the blocks. Apply more of the acid solution and allow it to set for 5-minutes and then rinse the concrete landscaping blocks off with clean water.