How to Maintain Integrally Colored Concrete How to Maintain Integrally Colored Concrete

What You'll Need
Soft broom
Dust mop
Neutral cleaner
Alkaline degreaser
Oxalic acid
Old towels
Hot water
Alkaline degreaser

Colored concrete is an excellent way to decorate your home. Certain pigments are added to the concrete during manufacture. This ensures that the color is uniformly distributed throughout the entire concrete. It produces an attractive variety of concrete aggregates for construction. Once installed, it is vital that you maintain your concrete floor properly. This helps to keep it in good shape for several years. It will also retain its color for longer. Use the right procedures to clean your concrete. You also need to seal it as outlined in the steps below.

Step 1 – Sweep or Dust Mop

It is a good idea to sweep or mop your concrete daily with a dry mop. This helps to clear dust and fine debris from the floor. Debris such as grit results in scratches on your floor when walked upon. When left to accumulate, the dirt encourages stains to develop. It also causes loss of sheen from your concrete floor which reduces the aesthetic appeal.

Step 2 – Wash with Water

Once a week, wash your colored concrete with a neutral cleaner. Use a mop or terrycloth to clean the floor. Avoid stiff brushes as they can leave scratches and marks on the floor. Rinse the floor well and mop up excess water with a mop or old towels.

Step 3 – Oil and Grease Stains

Place some hot water in a bucket. Mop the affected area with the hot water. It helps to lift the grease from the concrete. Apply a small amount of degreaser onto the stain. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to emulsify the oil. Rinse with hot water and do a final rinse with cool water.

Step 4 – Rust Stains

Use oxalic acid to clear rust stains. Mix 1/2 cup oxalic acid and 2 cups of water in a bucket. Apply the solution lightly over the rust stains. Allow about 15 minutes for the rust to clear. Rinse the concrete with plenty of cool water. Wipe away excess water with an old towel.

Step 5 - Sealing

Obtain a sealant suitable for use on integrally colored concrete from a concrete dealer. Seal your floor as per the instructions provided. A sealant helps to protect your concrete from damage by the elements. It also gives the concrete higher resistance against stains, abrasives and moisture. Sealant enhances the color effects and adds sheen to the surface. It is best to apply a sealant every 2 to 3 years.

Step 6 - Protective Measures

Use mats at entry and exit points of rooms with colored concrete on the floor. These help to capture dirt, grit and grease. It reduces damage to your concrete floor. Do not drag furniture or heavy items across your concrete floor. Ask a few people to help you carry the items to prevent damage to your floor. It helps if you fit gliders underneath furniture to prevent scratches onto the concrete.

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