How to Maintain Laminate Wood Flooring How to Maintain Laminate Wood Flooring

What You'll Need
Protective Pads
Broom,Sponge and Mop

Laminate wood flooring is very durable and made to last. Only simple maintenance is required to keep it shining for years.

Step 1 - Prevent Scratches

Laminate wood floors are susceptible to scratching and gouging. Dust and dirt cause micro-scratches that may not be visible to the eye but eventually cause laminate to look dull. Small rocks and pebbles cause more severe scratching and gouging. Place mats at entryways to wipe feet. Place runners on high traffic areas and put protective pads under furniture feet.

    Step 2 - Cleaning

    Sweep laminate wood flooring on a daily basis and vacuum regularly to keep dust and dirt from accumulating. Use only a mop dampened with water for cleaning since excess water can result in warping of wood planks. Remove stuck on spills with a sponge and a solution of 2 parts vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Wipe up any water spills immediately.

    Step 3 - Products to Avoid

    Do not use commercial cleaning products, ammonia, bleach, detergent or abrasives on laminate. They aren't needed and will damage the floor. Do not use wax or polish on laminate. It has a natural shine that could be damaged.

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