How to Maintain Outdoor Rubber Flooring

What You'll Need
Soft broom
Mild detergent
Hand brush
Garden hose
Old towel
Auto scrubber, with microfiber pad
Rubber floor conditioner
Buffing machine
Rubber floor wax
Soft cloth

Outdoor rubber flooring is an excellent green option for exterior purposes. It is made from rolls of recycled rubber. The rolls are attached onto a concrete base with the help of an adhesive. Rubber flooring is one of the easier outdoor floors to maintain and has high durability. You can extend the longevity of your rubber floor by proper maintenance. As shown in the guide below, it doesn’t take much to care for your rubber floor.

Step 1 – Sweep Regularly

It is a good idea to sweep your rubber floor frequently. This can be done every 1 to 2 days. It helps to clear the floor of dust, grit and other fine debris. If left to accumulate on the floor, these materials spoil the beauty of your floor. You may prefer to use a vacuum to get your floor clean.

Step 2 – Wash Once a Week

Give your floor a thorough clean, once a week. This helps to clear grease and stains. Pour a solution of warm water and detergent onto the floor. Scrub the floor in small sections, with the help of your hand brush. Brush away the soapy water. Use a garden hose to rinse the floor well, then dry the floor with an old towel. Be sure to absorb all the water so that you avoid a slippery floor. Water accumulation also weakens the floor adhesive which causes the floor to come apart.

Step 3 – Removal of Stubborn Dirt

You may detect some areas with ingrained dirt after you wash. It is best to clear this dirt with the help of an auto scrubber. You can rent the machine from a hardware or home improvement store. Obtain one whose speed doesn’t exceed 350 revolutions per minute. A speed in excess of this is likely to cause scuffs on your rubber floor. Attach the pad onto the machine. Use it to remove accumulated dirt in certain areas of the floor.

Step 4 – Apply Rubber Floor Conditioner

Spray some conditioner onto a small section of your floor. Work the conditioner into the floor with the help of a buffing machine. Be sure the speed doesn’t exceed 350 revolutions per minute. Once you complete one section, move on to the next, until you’ve worked the entire floor. The conditioner helps to restore the glossy finish of your floor.

Step 5 – Wax the Floor

Apply wax onto a thoroughly cleaned and conditioned floor. It is best to apply a thin coat first. Spread the wax evenly over the floor surface with the help of a soft cloth. Apply the wax onto all areas of the floor so that it is adequately protected. Allow the recommended period for the wax to dry, then apply another coat. Avoid application of generous amounts of wax. Once it dries, it begins to peel which leaves your floor with a messy appearance.

Step 6 – Protective Measures

Avoid cleaners that contain acetone, turpentine or acidic solvents. These can cause permanent damage to your floor. Abrasive scouring pads and steel wool will leave scratches and marks on your floor. Colored cleaning pads aren’t a good idea as they can cause stains.