How to Maintain Stone Patios

What You'll Need
Weed killer
Scrub brush
Soil sterilizer
Lacquer thinner
Pressure washer
Chemical cleaner
Mesh weed screen

Many people say that maintaining stone patios is less difficult than maintaining decks. However, you still need to confirm that the condition of the patio is very good. Always remember to check and maintain your stone patio on a regular basis or else, your patio can fall in a bad condition without the attention and maintenance necessary.

Step 1 – Preventing Weed Growth

Preventing damage is often less costly than repairing, therefore it is much better if you maintain your stone patio before it gets damaged. Right in the beginning, the stone patio is being constructed, you should protect the patio against weeds by using a soil sterilizer and a mesh weed screen. If you have not taken these precautions against weed growth and now you notice weeds growing up in your patio, you can get rid of them by either applying weed killer spray on them or by pulling them out manually.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Stone Patio

You can also maintain your stone patio by applying sealer or polish on its surface once every 3 years. Clean the patio with a pressure washer or scrub brush regularly. This can be a very efficient tool that you can use to remove dirt and stains which you find difficult to get rid of.

However, if you notice that your stone patio is dirty, but the dirt is not that hard to remove, try rinsing the stone surface of the patio with a water hose. In this way, you will not only clean your stone patio but also enhance its appearance. Keep in mind that cleaning away mud, stains and dirt from a stone patio will not just help it to make it look more beautiful, but it will also help to make it last for a longer time.

Step 3 – Removing Stains with Bleach

If you know that your patio is made from such a particular stone as bluestone or flagstone, then try removing stains with acid and bleach. Keep in mind that due to the hazardous nature of acid, take all the necessary precautions and handle with great care. Make use of your protective clothing, including gloves and eye glasses to prevent any splatters in your eyes. Dilute one part of chlorine bleach in ten parts of water to make a home-made patio cleaner.

Use this dilution to treat the stain and then remove it with a scrub brush. Use acid with very persistent stains only. Dilute another part of bleach with three parts of water and fill a tank sprayer with it. Apply the dilution on the surface of your stone patio and wait for about five minutes. Now rinse the patio with a pressure washer and let it dry thoroughly.