How to Maintain Textured Glass

When dealing with textured glass, cleaning and general maintenance aren't always easy. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you can do to keep the glass looking good at all times. Follow the tips below.

Clean the Glass Regularly

The more that dirt settles into the crevices of the glass, the harder it is going to be to clean up. Thus it would be wise to schedule a weekly cleaning of the glass to ensure that you are taking care of it. To get the dirt out of the crevices, allow the cleaning solution to sit for a second, breaking up the grime along the way. Then take a soft brush (perhaps an old tooth brush) and scrub out all the dirt. Rinse it off and wipe down with a cloth.

Constantly Inspect the Glass

One of the biggest reasons why glass ends up unusable is because it cracks. If you notice this happening to your textured glass, get it repaired early. You can use a glass repair kit, or you can take it to a window repair shop.

Colored Textured Class

If your textured glass has a tint on it, try to minimize the amount of harsh sunlight it is exposed to. That will keep the colors vibrant and ward off potential fading.