How to Maintain the Natural Wood in Your Kids' Climbing Frame

What You'll Need
Canvas cover
Outdoor paint
Sand paper
Safety goggles

Whether you have built it yourself, have bought a flat pack and assembled it yourself, or have it out in the garden already assembled, you always want you climbing frame to be child-friendly and to look its best at all times. Here are some easy steps that will help you keep your climbing frame of top notch through all the seasons.

Step 1 – Positioning

One important aspect to consider before taking care of the wood cosmetically, is its location. Is it getting more sun than it should? It is in constant shade?  Both extremes lessen the durability of the wood, as in the sun it gets dry and brittle, while in the shade is soaks up to much moisture and starts deteriorating on the inside.

Step 2 – Regular Inspection

Inspect your climbing frame regularly for any signs of wear and tear, or damage from natural elements. To keep the natural wood safe and pleasing to the eye, varnish it regularly, to avoid rot and it being unsafe.

Step 3 - Sanding

As always, before varnishing, sand the wood down, going with the grain, so as not to damage the wood. Wear a mask and safety goggles, even if you are working in a well ventilated area, such as your back garden. Look for any holes that need filling, or screws that need tightening.

Step 4 - Varnishing

Once everything is up to scratch, varnish the wood in any color that you want. There are many colors available nowadays, just make sure that the varnish you chose is able to battle the elements and come out a winner. If you’re not sure, ask the shop assistant to help you pick the right varnish.

Step 5 – Proper Covers

Lastly, but certainly worth considering, is to protect the wood from the elements when it isn’t being used. Say you are going on holiday for a fortnight, then you should cover up the climbing frame with a suitable cover--the best being canvas or plastic. You can also do this in the really cold months, when you want your children to stay inside, rather than running about in the snow. Keep in mind that the climbing frame is more dangerous in the winter, as it will get slippery; so out of sight, out of mind, sounds like the safest way to go.

It is important to keep a constant eye on the climbing frame, to ensure that it is the safest possible. Also, children should always be supervised when playing outside, as you never know what they might get up to--we all know what strange thoughts we used to have when we were children.