How to Maintain Vinyl Composition Tiles How to Maintain Vinyl Composition Tiles

Vinyl composition tiles are becoming a popular flooring option for various reasons. They are not only resistant and affordable, but also easy to install and maintain. Let us outline some basic maintenance tips you should take into account to keep your vinyl composition tiles in good condition. Taking care of them will not only make them look like new, but also increase their longevity.

Regular Cleaning

First of all you should try to clean them on a regular basis. By sweeping them with a broom you will be removing dust and other dirt. Then, wipe the floor with a damp floorcloth or mop.

More thorough Cleaning

From time to time you should scrub the tiles to remove any persistent dirt. Adding some oxy-cleaning powder to a bucket of warm water will be a good idea for a suitable cleaning solution. Then scrub the floor with it so as to remove any dirt and clean it thoroughly. Rinse with plenty of clear water afterwards.


Occasionally, you should re-seal your vinyl composition tiles so as to improve their gloss and protect them further. Purchase some high gloss VCT floor sealer and use a sealer applicator to apply a coating onto the tiles. When it has dried apply a second coating.

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