How to Maintain Your Metal Planter

What You'll Need
Asphalt Paint
Warm Water
Paint Brush
Soft Brush
Terry Cloth

A metal planter is a durable alternative to other planters, like those made out of ceramic, plastic and cement. While other planters may easily get damaged, a metal planter cannot be easily broken. However, one problem that needs to be addressed is the build up of rust or patina. Copper or brass planters usually form a patina that may not look good at all. However, some people prefer to let the patina remain on the surfaces of the planter. Steel and iron planters are also susceptible to rust and may require a coating to protect it from oxidation. Here are some ways to maintain a metal planter.

Step 1 – Clean the Metal Planter

The best way to maintain a metal planter is to first provide it with a protective coating that will make it less susceptible to rust or patina build-up. The best coating for a metal planter is asphalt paint. Prepare the metal planter for painting by first emptying its contents if possible. Use warm water and a soft brush or rag to clean the surface.

Step 2 – Allow the Metal Planter to Dry

Wipe the surfaces of the metal planter using terry cloth and allow it to dry, preferably under the sun. As the metal planter is left to dry, prepare the materials for the painting task.

Step 3 – Paint the Planter

Use a paint brush with soft bristles to paint the surfaces of the planter. Apply a sufficient amount of paint and allow it to dry. After the first coat dries up, apply a second coating and allow it to dry. After the painting task, place the plant back into the planter.

Step 4 – Make Use of Other Pots for Plants

To maintain the interior of the metal planter, it is best to put the plant into a pot first before inserting it inside the planter. Since soil and water may corrode the interior part of the planter, especially if the planter is made of cast iron, do not place the soil directly inside it.

Step 5 – Do Not Water Directly on the Planter

When the plants need to be watered, never do so while the potted plant is inside the planter. Remove the potted plant first and proceed with the watering. Allow the water to drain first before replacing it back inside the planter.

Step 6 – Maintain Regular Cleaning

Every month, or every 2 weeks, make sure to clean the surfaces of the planter with warm water and soap. Remove the potted plant from the planter first and clean the surfaces using a rag or a brush with soft bristles. Never use an abrasive as it may scratch the paint. Never rub on the surfaces with too much pressure as well in order to avoid scratching the paint. For patina, soak a rag or terry cloth in vinegar and rub it on the metal surfaces until the patina is removed.