How to Maintain Your Plastic Storage Shed

Row of taupe colored sheds
What You'll Need
Push broom
Protective spray
Mineral spirit

A plastic storage shed, when compared to other types of sheds made from other materials, has the advantage of not requiring much maintenance or any overly complicated measures in order to keep it in good condition and usable for a long period of time. However, some basic maintenance tips need to be borne in mind so as to ensure a better and a cleaner state.

Step 1 - Regular Checking

It is important not to forget about inspecting the maintenance requirements of your garden shed simply because it is an outdoor accessory. Sometimes one might tend to concentrate more on indoor items rather than outdoor ones, but at the end of the day items which are outdoors are prone to more dirt and damage since they are exposed to the weather elements. Hence, it is very important to make it a point to check the shed from time to time to see what kind of maintenance needs to be done.

Step 2 - Clean the Shed’s Walls

black and white storage shed

Inevitably, the shed will require regular cleaning. Therefore, it is important to wipe it clean from dust and other residuals such as leaves and mud, using a mixture of soap and water. Apply this on a piece of cloth and wipe the sides of the shed clean. If the shed is rather large, you may find it easier to spray water onto its outer walls by using a hose. You may need to use a plastic bristle scrubber to scrub away more persistent dirt which may have been stuck to parts of the shed.

Step 3 - Clean the Shed’s Roof

The roof of the shed is prone to accumulate more dirt. To clean it more effectively you should first sweep off all the dirt and dust using a push broom or hand brush. Then, use a hose to spray a large amount of water directly onto the roof. Then, spray some liquid soap onto the roof and scrub with a plastic bristle scrubber mounted on a stick to reach better. Finally rinse again with plenty of water and wipe dry using a squeegee or rag.

Step 4 - Clean the Inside of The Shed

gardening items inside a shed

A storage shed is the place where you will be storing several items. It is important not to store items carelessly, and just leave them there unattended. Make sure to clean the inside of the shed, at least, by regularly sweeping the floors and dusting the storage shelves. There might be some spillages and stains which you may need to remove. In such a case it is best to apply some synthetic turpentine oil or any kind of mineral spirits.

Step 5 - Apply Some Protective Spray

There are some protective spray products on the market which claim to protect and maintain plastic items. You may wish to try this out as you will be applying a protective layering while adding gloss and shine to the plastic. There is not much you can do when it comes to a plastic shed, unlike wood or metal. Plastic is resistant to weather, but over time it may start looking a bit shabby if you do not clean it and help it look a bit polished.

Also make sure to keep your shed door closed when not in use to keep out leaves, dirt, and other elements of nature.