How to Maintain Your Truck Roll Bars

What You'll Need
Dish liquid
Disc sander
Metal paint

Truck roll bars have been used to dress up the bed of a pickup for several years. However, they are more than just for looks. Truck roll bars in used for several different safety reasons and functionality. In the even of a rollover, the roll bars will keep the hood from crashing in. They also provide strength for the bed of the truck. Along the top of the truck roll bars several lights can be installed for use while working at night, or driving along very dark trails. Maintaining the roll bars on your truck is something that you should do to keep them looking good and functional.

Step 1 - Have a Schedule

One of the best things you can do for your truck roll bars is to treat them like a regular part of the truck. As much as your engine, tires, exhaust, brakes and transmission need to be maintained on a schedule, so do your roll bars. If you are relying on them to function the way that they should, have a yearly schedule of making sure they are kept in good working order.

Step 2 - Clean Truck Roll Bars

As you wash your vehicle, you should also pay special attention to the roll bars. If you have just gone through a muddy trail, done some tough hauling, or had a dirty load in the bed of your truck, you need to take the time to clean the truck and roll bars. Do not use the same type of water that you washed the truck with. Get a pail of clean water with some dish liquid in it. Rinse the bars with a hose first and then wash them clean. Rinse the soap off and you will be able to see if there is any other damage that needs to be fixed.

Step 3 - Sand off Ragged Paint

Because your pickup truck does some hauling, and debris gets kicked up from passing vehicles, you will need to repaint the bars at least once a year to make sure they do not start rusting. When you see some scratches, or nicks, in the paint, use a disc sander to smooth out the surface. This will blend in the surrounding metal and also remove some of the ragged paint.

Step 4 - Repaint Surface

With the help of some auto body paint, or metal rustproof paint, you will need to repaint the surface of the roll bars. You can either do the section where the scratches are, or you can elect to do the entire roll bar assemble for a more uniform look. 

Step 5 - Check Bolts

After the roll bars have been installed on your truck bed for several years, the bolts can begin to do 2 different things. They can loosen up, which will cause the roll bars to be unstable. Or, they can begin to rust and fall apart. Check the bolts each year and tighten them up if needed. If you notice a lot of rust in the bolt head, or the nut, you should replace them with a new set of stainless steel bolts.