How To Maintain Your Wood Retaining Wall

A wood retaining wall can add both function and beauty to your landscape. Wood is a durable building material that is very easy to work with.

Keep in mind that a wood wall must be regularly maintained or else it can start to deteriorate.

Keep Water Drained

Wood and water do not mix. If your retaining wall is made out of cedar then you don't have to worry as much as this type of wood has natural resistance to water. However, you will want to keep water away from your wall.

Keep Sealed with Protectant

Once you build your wood retaining wall, then you should seal it with some sort of weather protection. Reapply at least once every two years after that. If your wall calls for it, you can even paint it for more protection.

Treat for Insects

Bugs can do a lot of damage to wood retaining walls. Ants, termites and some flying insects can make their home in the posts and eat away at the middle of it until they crumble. Spray pesticides around your retaining wall to make sure bugs stay away.